Asian weddings are normally very sophisticated, colorful, and full of history and culture. They typically previous a year and feature a range of meaningful activities and ceremonies. Read on to learn about some of the most significant pre and post-wedding rituals that have endured over time in Asia, whether you are planning an Asian wedding or just want to learn more about these rich traditions.

The Roka festival, which is the bride’s official introduction to her new family and household, is a significant component of any Asiatic wedding. Typically, this will entail a gift trade, as well as pastries and dried apples. The wife will receive a stunning red dupatta or blouse as well as jewelry and cash on the occasion. The vicar’s father will then give the bride’s families a present in gain.

The groom also provides his wedding with lifelong security by wearing a mangalsutra, or gold and black necklace, around her neck, and applying a red powder to the center of her forehead, which represents a newlywed woman. The ceremony’s most memorable and important minute is this.

The tea service is a second important element of any Asian wedding. By serving them alternative or red dragon fruits chai, the pair will pay their respects to their kids and in-laws. Their people will then hand them red letters with money in return.