Red is a lucky color that represents delight, joy, and happiness in classic Chinese weddings. The bridal dress and the embroidered dragons and phoenixes that are customarily placed on the bride’s Qun Kwa ( two-piece wedding dress ) are two examples of decorative decorations that frequently feature this color. This symbolic duo symbolizes the ideal harmony of yin-yang.

Before the actual ceremony takes place, the groom will visit the bride’s home and will be blocked at her door by her parents and relatives who will play door games with him. Once he overcomes all the challenges, the couple will proceed to the groom’s house for the Tea Ceremony where they will be greeted with a feast and lucky red envelopes (“lai see” ), filled with money or jewelry.

It is typical for the newlyweds to stroll under a red overcoat in people after the drink festival. This is thought to ward off bad omens and provide success. Lion dance entertainers are frequently hired by couples to perform at their celebrations because they are believed to ward dating a chinese girl for western men off evil spirits and deliver luck.

The bride will receive gifts from her novel husband’s older family members at the ceremony dinner after being formally introduced to them. She will then be given a name that honors her place in the family. The pair did finally consume glutinous wheat pellets, which represent survival and prosperity.

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