247 new iphone proprietors nationwide happened to be surveyed (I know maybe not a very large test pool) by Retervo to make a snapshot profile of a typical individual. Here are the highlights of whatever they realized:

Matter: What makes a person more attractive, a degree or cool products?

  • In line with the study 75 percent of new iphone proprietors prefer to date someone with cool products.

concern: Maybe you’ve texted or emailed people to break-up together with them?

  • 33 % of iphone 3gs people do this.

Question: Would it be a turnoff in case your partner had more mature, out of date gadgets?

  • Once more 33 percent of iphone 3gs owners concur that it might be a turn off.

matter: Do you ever make use of your cellphone to view adult material?

  • 20 percent of new iphone proprietors confess to browsing for porn.

This obviously actually a significant review and of a marketing gimmick by Retrevo. Moreover it paints iphone 3gs consumers as really superficial individuals who just think of on their own, that we understand many are not. ????

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