In Cambodia, there is a amazing bridal service. It lasts three weeks most of the time. The wife wears a variety of stunning gowns We were thankfully invited to one of them.

In Cambodia in the past, there were a lot of arranged couples. However, today’s fresh couples make their marriage decisions on their own. They continue to observe traditional wedding rites, though.

Family users from the groom’s edge arrive at the princess’s home with trays of berries on the day of the bridal. These are truly works of art because countless different fruit varieties are contained in these boxes!

This is a way to express their appreciation and love. They likewise give tea to the ghosts of their predecessors on this day. In this way, they request that the grandparents bless the wedding and inform them of it.

When the bride’s family arrived at the bride’s home, the groom and his entourage met them and presented them with gifts ( or dowry ). Finally they sat down. The bride’s home set up her seat facing west in the middle of the space.

In the service dubbed » Bang Chhat Madaiy, » the pair honours their parents. They express gratitude to their parents for raising them and continuing to do so. Additionally, they make a promises to look after and value their parents. The couple drapes golden-yellow parasols over their kids during this ceremony. They even hear the bride host’s speech, which serves as a reminder of this new responsibility.