American ideas of adore have replaced the conventional emphasis on relatives, sex, and marriage in China’s social expectations. As a result, several Chinese women believe they have more freedom to select their partners than they did during Mao’s autocratic rule. Additionally, they are more financially independent, which lessens the need for a partner to ensure their prospects.

However, the government is still worried about demographic issues and has attempted to encourage marriage by loosening long-standing relatives arranging restrictions. Local governments even give newlyweds dollars subsidies. These efforts to encourage relationship, nevertheless, have not been sufficient to stop China’s birth frequency from falling. China’s aging crisis, which has 33 million more men than women, poses a threat to both its social stability and economic expansion ( Stevenson and Zusho 2002 ).

Chinese families continue to have a big impact on their kids ‘ union choices, and they frequently use the discipline of hypergamy to force their daughters into marrying wealthy men. This is partly because families are understood as lineages that exist throughout time to pay respect to ancestors ( Croll 2006 ), not just as groups of people living in the present.

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These conventional notions of family, sex, and marriage are n’t necessarily applicable to all Chinese women. People find it difficult to fit into these tasks, while some think that these societal expectations are to constricting. As a result, numerous look for partners outside of China. Although studies of mail-order brides have long connected these women to the global sex trade, scholars have recently moved away from seeing them as victims and toward understanding their agency and motivations for immigrating through marriage ( e .g., Liu 2010 ).